Swoozie’s College Football Scene – Reporting From the Field Every Week

At Swoozie’s, and in our local communities, Saturdays mean College Game Day.

We are here to bring our Swoozers everything college football related including tailgating essentials, game day tips and highlights from the field. The boys may play the game, but the girls throw the best tailgates, know their stats, sport their team colors and show their school pride with the most style.

We’re dedicating this college football season to you, our Swoozie’s ladies. We’ll be with you on and reporting from the college football scene every week.

Here’s what we’re reporting:

1. Top five things every SEC and ACC (reported separately) girl should know about what happened on the field this weekend.

We have selected an SEC and an ACC correspondent to report five major things that our Swoozie ladies are going to need to know about what happened in their conference on Saturday. These will be posted by noon EST every Monday. Use these points in conversation with the boys, for good, competitive debate with your friends, family and coworkers in your conference or just as a general update to keep you ‘in the know’. We would love to hear your perspective (all in positive, fun, pc style). Please feel free to comment here on our blog when you would like to add to the points for the week.

Please see our first ‘Conference Top Five’ posts below. Right now, we’re focused on what our girls need to know in the preseason.

We aren’t disclosing team affiliation for the ‘correspondents’. In fact, we’ll do a poll at the end of the season to see where you think their loyalty lies. But, they are in fact legit ACC and SEC fans graduating from an in-conference school, with deep family roots in that conference and with season tickets secured.

Many of you will notice that we have the ACC and SEC represented. This covers the communities surrounding most of our locations including Atlanta, Norcross, Birmingham, Palm Beach, Greenville and Greensboro. We do not have a Big 12 correspondent representing our Dallas community. If you or anyone you know has the skills, passion and credibility to report on the Big 12 each week, let us know! We would love to add a voice from the Big 12 conference. E-mail us at sweet@swoozies.com.

2. Top five tailgating tips from Saturday

We are thrilled to have Christie Leigh Mueller, Swoozie’s enthusiast, entertaining expert and author of the new book ‘Gridiron Belles, A Guide To Saturdays in Dixie’ as a tailgating ambassador for Swoozie’s. She is on tour this football season hitting as many games as possible where she will be setting up a tailgate and taking note of fabulous tailgates she sees along the way. Whether it’s a scrumptious tailgate spread she sees or an irresistibly fabulous game day outfit or a group of impressively passionate tailgaters, she is going to tell us all about it here.

We are proudly carrying Christie’s book at Swoozie’s and think it is an amazing resource and a brilliant gift.

3. Swoozie’s College Game Day Weekly Poll

We want to hear from you, our Swoozie ladies. Each week, we’ll poll you on Facebook to find out who you predict to win the big games in our local conferences. We’ll keep track and report back to you on the accuracy of our Swoozie Game Day Poll. We’re shooting for some precision here girls. Make sure you vote each week.

We’re starting today with our preseason poll. Shoot over to Facebook and cast your vote. We’ll let you know on Monday how our poll stacks up to the ‘experts.’


 Five Things Every ACC Girl Show Know in the  Preseason:

Introducing our ACC Correspondent – Charlotte.

1.  Football season, undoubtedly the most exciting season of  the year in the south, is here and preseason preparation is  just as important for the ladies as it is for the gentlemen in our lives.  This season trumps summer, spring and even wedding season (which, in my book, does not overlap with football season—you do not want half of the guests checking scores during the ceremony or huddled in a corner of the reception watching TV).  Even before you finish reading this entry, you should go ahead and print your game schedule to be prepared for each week’s matchups.  You can then assess the most desirable games of each week to begin securing tickets and making travel accommodations to be at the best tailgates of the season—fully equipped with Swoozie’s gear, of course.

2.  The preseason predictions list Virginia Tech and Florida State at the tops of their divisions and Florida State picked as the overall conference favorite.  Their player to watch is Tim Jernigan, a freshman expected to start strong at defensive tackle.

3.  With NCAA violation scandals at Miami, UNC, and Georgia Tech, the ACC is riddled with drama.  Most recently in the news, a former Miami booster has claimed he showered Miami athletes with money, cars, yacht trips, jewelry, television, and numerous other illegal gifts.  There are 12 current players involved in the allegations, including quarterback Jacory Harris, that may be ineligible and will have a huge impact on the team the Hurricanes field this fall.

4.  UNC’s scandal left them coach-less when Butch Davis was fired 9 days before pre-season practice began and the season will undoubtedly be an uphill battle for the Tarheels.

5.  N.C. State’s J.R. Sweezy will miss the first six weeks of the season after surgery for a foot fracture, making him the 4th starter lost due to injury for the Wolfpack.  Sweezy is a senior captain with 13 tackles for losses and six sacks last season.


 Five Things Every SEC Girl Show Know in the  Preseason:

Introducing our SEC Correspondent – Aja

1. SEC is the strongest conference in the nation… out of the  last 13 National Championships teams from the South have  won 11!

2. Auburn won the National Championship last year with Heisman winner Cam Newton, who is now playing for the Pro Carolina Panthers. Auburn is will be breaking in new players at almost every position, so needless to say this will be a tough year for the Tigers. The opening game this weekend against Utah State has been much anticipated by many SEC fans. Utah State will not lay down to Auburn and this will be a very interesting game to watch to see if Coach Gene Chizik can fire up his freshman team to the long road to a bowl game this year. Players to watch, newly decided, redshirt Junior Quarterback, Barrett Trotter. He has a strong head around the playbook, but not nearly the size, and some say the heart that Cam Newton brought to this team.

3. Alabama/Arkansas/Georgia look the strongest preseason

Players to watch: Alabama Safeties Mark Barron and Robert Lester will battle it out this season to be Bama’s top safety. This battle will be at the dismay of many SEC teams. These two players will lead Bama’s top defense and expect many interceptions of the unseasoned Quarterbacks that will be matching up with these two. Alabama opens up on September 3rd against Kent State in Tuscaloosa, which should be an easy victory for the Crimson Tide.

4. Here are the colors of teams in case you turn the TV on and need to quickly know who is playing!

5. West and East Divisions- must know because this dictates who matches up in the SEC Championship. This is a brief history of the SEC that you should run through to help you impress that Cute Guy at the Tailgate!

Photo sources: football  / Jernigan / Trotter

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