Sweet! It’s a Dylan’s Candy Land-Inspired Birthday Party!

If you’re like me, you can recall countless hours of fun with the kids around the Candy Land board. My children adored it. Literally, I think we spent hundreds of hours making it from one end of that path to the other. And, it is clear that that game has inspired so many children and been the center of so many wonderful memories for families everywhere.

In fact, as I am sure many of you are aware, the concept for Dylan’s Candy Bar was partly inspired by Candy Land, according to founder Dylan Lauren. It really shines thru in their party collection with the whimsical illustrations of sweet confections.

One of my favorite themes is a candy-inspired party, and I’ve seen many done so brilliantly. Balloons wrapped in cellophane and attached to an empty tube of giftwrap makes a perfect giant lollipop to set the tone. In lieu of a guest goodie bag, assemble a candy bar filled to the brim with throwback favorites and little bags for your guests to prepare a “sweet sack” of their very own. A maze of vinyl squares on the floor to resemble the Candy Land gameboard we all came to know and love makes the perfect place for the kids to hop out all that sugar!

Dylan’s also has so many fun accessories from their new collection to add to the festivity! From their “Candy King” crown for the birthday boy, to the swirls of lollipop-inspired plates, napkins & cups that kids are sure to love.

I’m thrilled that we’re bringing the party to YOU this Saturday at each of our Swoozie’s locations, filled with sweet stuff for you and your kids to enjoy. You’re all invited to join in the sweet party. Click here to RSVP today, or email RSVP@Swoozies.com to snag your seat at the table {sweet perks included for our guests who arrive first!}

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