What’s Your Sloane Style?


We here at Swoozie’s are so excited to introduce Sloane Ranger. It is an exciting new line inspired by essence of style from the streets of Sloane Square in the UK. Their motto is simple, “Never Flashy, Always Confident”. Brilliant!


We considered brining in only a couple of the patterns. But, after viewing the products and discussing the styles here at our office in the back of the Buckhead store, we decided we simply had to bring the entire line into Swoozie’s. All of us absolutely loved the line, but we each identified with a different pattern. We want to make sure all of customers are able let their individual styles come through when they shop the Sloane line.


Here’s the breakdown:



A larger than life personality, you make a presence simply by entering a room. Your gentle, peaceful nature keeps others constantly in awe. On a consistent and steady path, friends know they can always count on you when they need a shoulder to lean on. (Andrea adores this one!)



Wise beyond your years, you are the one friends seek when looking for advice. Always watching, listening and helping others, people look to you when they want to know what’s in store for weekend plans. (Kelly loves this one!)


Scottie Dog

Full of energy, your excitement and enthusiasm for life is simply bursting at the seams. You’re loyal as can be, but never to a fault. A better friend one could never have. (Cassie digs this one!)


Ditzy Floral

You don’t have to be blonde to have all the fun, something the life of the party knows all too well. Always up for a good time, better when surrounded by friends and activities, you’re sweet as can be to everyone you encounter in life’s journey. (Amy is crazy about this one!)



You’re a leader through and through. Beauty & grace follow you where ever you go, with an air of confidence that shines through. The perfect combination of crazy wild and perfectly calm, you don’t mind going it alone and clearing your own path. (Susan is all about this one!)



So, the question is – are you a Sloanie? Click here to tell us which print best reflects your Sloane style and you’ll be entered to win your print in our favorite Sloane Ranger tote!


Also – get the scoop on our Sloane Ranger Casting Call event in Norcross, GA on August 10. It’s a perfect event for high school and college age females, especially with back to school around the corner. We’ll be doing makeovers and photo shoots! It will be a GREAT time! We’ll have Sloane Swag and a tote for one lucky winner! Don’t miss out – click here for details and to RSVP.


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