Setting Our Sights on Back to School and Enjoying Every Last Minute of the Summer

We’re heading home from family vacations or setting out on our last fun-filled trips of the summer. While still soaking in every moment of our splendid summertime, we’re starting to set our sights on back to school.

With back to school comes a little something different for each of us – whether you’re preparing yourself for a first-day-ever toddler going off to school, a child moving up to a new class in grade school or as with my son, a young man heading back to college. We look forward to August and are reminded that there is much to be done. And, in good form, we pull out our planner, put on our organization hat and embrace it!

But, we remain committed to making sure our kids get the most out of their last days of Summer. We know this is the priority for the moment. As you travel and enjoy the beach, pool, lake, mountains (wherever your summer plans lead you), we encourage you to take lots of photos. We say this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you’ll appreciate them later. Trust me, as a mother of three who grew up way too fast. And, because WE want to see them.

You’ve  already sent us many “first day of school” photos which are fabulous. We cannot get enough of them. We would love to see more! Send us some of your best back to school photos which will inspire other moms as they plan for sending their little one off to their first day of school this year. Post a photo on our Facebook page, or just drop a note to and attach a photo or two. We’ll be sure to share many of them for inspiration! And, in the meantime, enjoy every last minute of this summer!

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