Always being Put-Together, On Time, Organized and Stylish Takes a Great Planner

Ask any busy woman her secret to keeping it all fabulously together, and I’m certain you’ll get the same answer time after time – the agenda. Men have hammers; we have the agenda. That secret weapon, so stylishly packaged and the single must-have accessory for any girl on the go (and what girl is not on the go after all?).


Today is July 13th. Yes, we’re all busy today. But, we are about to be slammed. Back to school, Labor Day, fall weddings, practices, Halloween, before we know it, we’re going to be ringing in the New Year. Okay, this may be a little bit of a stretch, but you get my point. Ladies, we have planning to do. And, the perfect planner changes your life!


The key to selecting the perfect planner is all in preference, but here a few things to look for when you’re out selecting your new go-to tool.


The collection from Lilly Pulitzer is always a hit with a classic Lilly look loved all year round. The spiral binding is great for ease of use, with a simple rubber elastic strap to effortlessly keep it together. Color-coded tabs make flipping to particular months easy. These calendars are August 2011 through December 2012 (perfect for teachers too!). In true Lilly style, fun stickers and clever phrases throughout help to keep the mood light and creativity flowing as you squeeze a parent/teacher conference in before the big dinner party next month.


Mom’s everywhere have adored (and consistently requested) the Mom Agenda, another one of our favorite planners. A handy mom guide in the front includes list upon list of every resource you’ll need at crunch time, while the back features sections for keeping tabs on key moments of the year – a gift record, entertaining resource and more. The single best feature must be space each day reserved on your schedule for each child, and even a “what’s for dinner” line too.

Despite your schedule or your style, the agenda is single handedly the most important accessory of the Fall. You pull it out in meetings, at school, at dinners, during games and at social events. And, these two options, Lilly Pulitzer and Mom’s Agenda, are just as stylish as the outfit you spent all morning putting together. You can be confident every time you reach for your planner this year. Let the fall scheduling begin. We’re ready!



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