The Wedding – Possibly Life’s Most Celebrated Event


On Wednesday night, we held our semi-annual Bridal Showcase. Each June and January we look forward to hosting our recently engaged customers, their friends and families and our local wedding vendors. The energy in the store the day of the event is always contagious, and this past Wednesday, it was as strong as ever.


A wedding is one of life’s most celebrated events. Today, families are typically spread out geographically, jobs and careers demand more time than ever and the most common form of communication is over e-mail, Facebook and texting. The Wedding is the one time that entire families come together and more often than not, spend two to three quality days focusing on nothing other than spending time together. This is where personalities shine, old stories are passed on, new stories are created and bonds are strengthened.


And, leading up to the big event, families and friends come together to execute the perfect day for the couple. It’s all these individual occasions that collectively make the Wedding a complete experience from the engagement to the day they say, “I do”.


We are thrilled that our event is one of the places where friends, family and the bride (and sometimes the groom) physically come together, laugh, bond and find inspiration. We enjoyed spending the time getting to know everyone just a little bit better and understanding what our individual brides are envisioning for their big day.


Based on our observations, the upcoming series of weddings is going to be impressively creative, reflective of the personalities of the bride and the groom and a collection of events and experiences that will result in fabulous stories for future gatherings and generations to come. It is with great anticipation that we look toward the Fall 2011’s wedding season! Let the wedding planning begin!

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