5,000 Weddings & Counting

Wedding season is in full swing at Swoozie’s. The summer is the perfect time for throwing parties and showers as well as planning fall weddings. The anticipation of seeing those excited, bright eyed ladies come through the door thrills me every year.

We have been a part of over 5,000 weddings during our 10 years. As we consult each bride, the experience evolves into its very own unique and personal event which we value immensely. Many of these relationships start at our semi-annual Bridal Shows.

In January, we hosted the first of the two shows for the year. It was amazing to watch all the talent in one room. With local vendors from every category of wedding planning including bakers, dress makers, event planners, floral designers, caterers and calligraphers, the contributors were rich with ideas and creativity. It was clear that our brides and their friends and family left the show that night more informed and motivated which was exactly our goal.

And, the sense of community in the room for these events was unmistakable. Within each market, vendors brought their own culture and charm to the table. The collaboration made the experience so much more valuable.

As we prepare for our second wedding show in our series for the year which is being held on June 22nd from 6 to 8 at most stores, we approach the event with the same goals of providing a valuable, localized experience for attendees.

As our brides plan for their own BIG DAY, it is our commitment to make sure that they are well-informed and not only pleased but confidently excited about each element of their wedding.

There are so many efforts that go into throwing a wonderful wedding, we are here to make it as easy and as exciting for our clients as possible.

If you are a bride-to-be or a friend or family member of a bride-to-be, I hope that you will be able to make it to one of these bridal shows this month. Experiencing the excitement and creativity in the room is worth the trip.

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