A Gift with Class

In the midst of Teacher Appreciation Week, coming together as a class and presenting a gift to your teacher is a great way to truly show your appreciation for all your educator has done this year.

If you happen to find yourself leading the charge of collecting funds and selecting this very special gift on behalf of your child’s class (no pressure …) here are a few tips to ensure brilliant gifting!

Take it Outside the Classroom
What does your child’s teacher love to do outside of the classroom? Consider hobbies, lifestyle, and lifestage. Make the gift as personal as possible based on what you know or have observed so you go in knowing the gift will be put to good use!

Get the Class Involved
Since the gift is coming from the whole class, find some way to get the kids involved. A nice framed class photo is a traditional keepsake, or allow each child to draw a picture or sign their name on a keepsake piece the teacher can keep to remember her class of ’11. It adds a meaningful and personalized touch to the gifting experience.

Summer Break
Remember, teachers have been working in overdrive all year and are looking forward to their summer break as much as your kids are! Consider a gift from the class that can be used to relax and unwind while on vacation, such as a personalized tote bag filled with a “summer reading list,” a few best sellers, and a bookstore gift card.
Still not sure what to gift? Click here to see more classroom gift ideas for your teacher.

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