April 27th is Administrative Professional’s Day!

You know the ones. The people who work hard to make your organization operate. They deserve much more than one day of recognition. But, that’s what makes tomorrow so fabulous. On April 27th, companies across the globe will be celebrating the contribution of their professionals.

Administrative Professional’s Day actually started back in 1952. Much has changed since then, but one thing remains the same, the people who put in the time and hard work to make an organization run are just as important as ever. In fact, today in light of the economy, employees are pitching in more and more, putting in longer hours and giving as much as they are able to their companies. And, in this ‘information age’, the organizations that we are a part of are more of a community than an employer.

Take a few minutes tomorrow to say, “Thank you” to the people around you whom you count on every day to make things happen and to contribute to the livelihood of your ‘community’/organization. They keep your day interesting, they are your friends and often times your family and they are always there for you in a crunch.

Whether you leave your coworkers, colleagues and assistants a simple note on their desk in the morning or you give them a gracious gift, it’s the thought, recognition and effort that counts.

To everyone out there who positively contributes to an organization (aka community), we’re celebrating you! Cheers to a job well done!


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