What Teachers Want: A Swoozerific Teacher Panel Tells All

At Swoozie’s, we love our teachers. I myself have three kids. And, at one point in my life, they were all in school at the same time here in Atlanta. They all went to our local Warren T. Jackson, and later two went to Woodward. I have always had a huge respect for our teachers and thanking them in the proper way is important gesture. They take care of our kids, inspire them, educate them, influence them and help to mold them. They are such important people.

Now, all my kids have graduated from high school, and I am no longer surrounded by students, teachers, PTA members and volunteers. So, in an effort to connect with our local teachers, we reached out to a group of five teachers in the community (who are also Swoozie’s shoppers), our Swoozerific Teacher Panel.

They met us at the store; we equipped them with a (personalized) clipboard, note pad and a pen and sent them to shop. We asked them to pick out what they would LOVE to receive from their students. They could pick out whatever they wanted from our selection here at Swoozie’s. They expressed it so well when they said, “We want something awesome that we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves”.

These teachers are about to take the summer off; and just like you and me, they will be taking trips to the beach, the lake, the mountains and everywhere in between. They will be entertaining friends, hitting the pool and getting the r&r they so clearly deserve. So, when you are making your teacher gift list, think about the teacher and where she or he will be spending time and what they will be doing this summer. Selecting gifts that are relevant to their lifestyle is key.

So, bottom line, our advice is to ‘say no to the apple’ and chose something for your children’s teachers that is functional, fabulous, can be used on summer trips, for entertaining or for pampering themselves. Give them something that you would love to receive.

We had a great afternoon with our local ‘Swoozerific Teacher Panel’ here at Swoozie’s. They give so much to our children; we are thrilled to be the place where parents find teacher gifts to show them their gratitude.

If you are a teacher and would like to send us your gift suggestions, e-mail us at sweet@swoozies.com.