Brilliant High School Graduation Gift Guide for the Class of ’11!


My son has several friends that are girls that have been an important part of his high school friendships. I have only had boys, so I’m not sure what is appropriate. I will need 8 or so gifts and would like to stay under $25 each.


A guy doesn’t want to give a gift that is too feminine or personal.

Here are 4 brilliant options:

1. personalized cooler

Simply add some drinks or a grocery gift card!

2. 2011 frame

Add pictures of him with the friend. They never have enough pictures for the dorm.

3. insulated Tervis Tumbler

It’s a college must-have. Choose from a pre-initialed, collegiate or personalized with a name or monogram.

4. acrylic tumbler with straw

A great gift if you’re buying a lot of gifts. Simply add a coupon for a drink from Chick-fil-A!


My daughter has 5 very special best friends. She has known them since she was in grade school, and I feel like they are my daughters. What’s something very special that she can give?

Personalized items are key because they show that you thought of each person and took the time to make their gift special. Three major categories come into play as great gifting:

1. What they might use in the dorm

2. Gifts used for going back and forth between home and school on those short weekends.

3. Great items for summer travel plans

Here are 5 personalized gift options for those very special friends.

1. personalized wraps

They’re great in patterns or solid hues, and they can double as beach cover ups (like this one!) Pair with a matching shower caddy, which is a must-have for dorm life going back and forth from showers.

2. weekender tote

It’s great for getaways. We love this Juicy Burst pattern for Spring and Summer. It has all the right colors! Pair it with a matching cosmetic case.

3. give the gift of organization!

We love this cute and functional laundry bag and over-the-door organizer in Juicy Burst. They’re perfect together or alone. Load the laundry bag with quarters, and fill the organizer with things from the drug store.

4. chic canvas carrying case

Give this alone or use it to present a camera as a gift!

5. tech gifts

Personalized iPhone covers are perfect, and we have dozens to choose from! Tablet covers make great gifts too!


I have so many gifts to give, so I want to keep each under $20. What are some great options?


There are so many options for under $20! Here are 7 we think grads will love.

1. initial pendant

2. face case

It’s lined with plastic in case there are makeup oops!

3. bikini bag

Also lined with plastic, this gift is super cute and very practical.

4. acrylic initial glasses

Can we just say, these are stupid cute?! We love them!

5. koozie

6. umbrella

Perfect for walking to class on a rainy day. A girl still wants to look cute when the weather is dreary.

7. personalized stationery

Graduates will have many thank you notes to write. Plus, they might even find time to write letters home to mom and dad once college begins!


My daughter is traveling this summer with a few friends. Do you have any ideas for an appropriate gift?

1. weekender bag

We love this bag! Add some flip flops and a matching brush.

2. personalized beach chair cover

Give a different color or pattern to each of the girls.